Eat American Melts

Ok…here it is…the moment you have all been waiting for…American Melts is proud to present 2 contests!


Challenge #1 Name your sandwich

Create a custom sandwich to include at least a bread, 2 cheeses, and a protein or choose from one of our chef specialties (excluding shroom, athena, and 5 way).

Order and eat 5 sandwiches in one sitting (not to exceed 1 hour).

The winners get to take the name of the sandwich or create their own. Losers must pay for all 5 sandwiches.


Challenge #2 EAT EAT EAT

Order and eat 10 regular grilled chesse sandwiches (bread and cheese).

Eat all 10 sandwiches in 20 minutes or less.

Winners will receive 1 free grilled cheese sandwich every month for a year. Losers must pay for all 10 sandwiches!


Bring your friends and family as you attempt to defeat one or both challenges. Sandwiches must be eaten at American Melts without bathroom breaks(take out not permitted for the contest). Inform the American Melts staff that you want to compete before placing your order. Happy eating!!